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WATCH: Boiler Room's Migrant Sound Series
Christian Eede , August 31st, 2018 11:47

Boiler Room celebrate migration and its impact on music and culture in four-part series Migrant Sound

Migrant Soumd is a new documentary series from Boiler Room which seeks to explore migration in the UK and look at the impact it has had on music and culture, particularly around Notting Hill Carnival which took place last weekend, now more than five decades on from the very first.

The series is split across four parts with the first having looked at the concept of arrival from the first generation of Caribbean immigrants to the UK to the Windrush scandal earlier this year. Premiering above is the series' second part which investigates racism within the UK via interviews with different generations of people of Caribbean descent.

The interviewees discuss their first-hand experiences of racism within the UK and what that means for their day-to-day lives, exploring the current climate of race relations compared to the 1980s. Featured in the episode are singer-songwriter Prince Jahkey, artist and photographer Pogus Caesar, activist Charlie Wilson and artist/photographer Marco Grey.

Two further episodes of the series, exploring 'Identity' and 'Future Sound', will round-up the series in the coming weeks. Migrant Sound is avaiable to stream via the 4:3 archive.