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Buy Records On Discogs Using IOS App
Christian Eede , August 21st, 2018 10:30

A new version of Discogs' iOS app allows users to buy records from within the programme

Discogs has updated its iOS app to allow users to be able to buy records while using it on their phone.

The new version also sees the vinyl marketplace integrated with the VinylHub record shop database allowing users to seek out record shops in the towns and cities that they are in.

The previous version of the app would re-route users to the mobile version of Discogs' website if they wanted to purchase an item from the vast online marketplace, but now it can simply be done within the app, giving users easier access to the near 40 million items on offer. Android users have had this capability since January of this year.

It was recently revealed that more than $200 million were spent on Discogs last year, while a very rare copy of Prince's Black Album broke the record earlier this month for most expensive item sold via the online music marketplace.