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PREMIERE: RMFTM & 10,000 Russos LP
Patrick Clarke , August 20th, 2018 12:26

The band formerly known as Radar Men From The Moon and Portuguese psych warriors 10,000 Russos have teamed up for a monolith of a joint LP

Eindhoven psych heavyweights RMFTM (formerly Radar Men From The Moon) and Portuguese cosmic drone collective 10,000 Russos have collaborated on a colossal joint LP, which you can stream exclusively via tQ above.

RMFTM & 10,000 Russos is out via Fuzz Club and to be launched at the label's upcoming Eindhoven festival this coming weekend.

The collaboration came about when 10,000 Russos played live in RMFTM's native Eindhoven during a two month tour. João Pimenta, Russos' vocalist says: "We’d already spoke with RMFTM about making a record together and the next day we had a day off so we just turned up at theirs and Bob’s studio with no idea what we were going to do and ended up making the album in a day.”

On the new RMFTM and 10,000 Russos collaboration, the latter's vocalist João recites lyrics lifted from Honore De Balzac's short stories.

They were inspired too, says RMFTM's Glenn Peeters, by the beat generation: "The plan was to create something meaningful in one day. The album started out as improvisations but we didn’t want it to be simply a collection of jams so after recording them we went back and stitched all the improvised parts together to shape it into something else entirely, using a similar cut-up approach to that of William S. Burroughs."

RMFTM have form in heavy-hitting collaborations, last year they teamed up with tQ's favourite powerhouses Gnod as Temple Ov BBV, a project inspired by Dutch scientist Bart Huges, who used a dentist's drill to open a hole in his skull, theorising it would result in enhanced mental power and a permanent high.

The album launches at Fuzz Club Eindhoven, which takes place on August 24-25 and features The Black Angels, A Place To Bury Strangers, The Limiñanas, Gnod, The Cosmic Dead and more.

For tickets, the full lineup and more info, click here

To pre-order the album on vinyl, click here.