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Baker's Dozen

From Raw To Clean: Helena Hauff's Favourite Records
Kate Hutchinson , August 1st, 2018 09:37

Ahead of her appearance at this month's Berlin Atonal festival, Helena Hauff guides Kate Hutchinson through 13 favourite records, from Iggy to Serge and Loop to a host of true bangerz


Lab Rat XL ‎– Mice Or Cyborg
My body moves better to great beats. That's how I got into electro, I guess. Another thing that I find really interesting about electro is that it shows both aspects of the human: it can be very dystopian when you have the sense of machine warfare and destruction and at the same time you have this beauty of science and the flying out to space. I bought this from Clone Records about 10 years ago and it's got that beautiful scientific electro quality to it: the beauty of science but also the dark side, where we're not able to control what we've built. I always think humans are either too intelligent or not intelligent enough to really sort out problems. We're creating great ways of curing diseases and we're flying up to space but at the same time we're still destroying [the world]. I don't really think about that when I make music, when I make music I don't really know why I'm making it at the time. It's a very unconscious thing. Then, with time and with picking the tracks and compiling the album, that's when I start thinking what I mean. But it's one thing I'm definitely interested in, those sides to what it means to be human and what we do, and who we are.