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Baker's Dozen

From Raw To Clean: Helena Hauff's Favourite Records
Kate Hutchinson , August 1st, 2018 09:37

Ahead of her appearance at this month's Berlin Atonal festival, Helena Hauff guides Kate Hutchinson through 13 favourite records, from Iggy to Serge and Loop to a host of true bangerz


Loop ‎- Fade Out
I could have picked any of their releases., they're all just as good as each other. Everything they made I love. I love the melodies they use, I love the energy they've got, I love everything about it. Funnily enough it's one of those things that I actually sometimes play in techno sets. I think Loop works very well with techno. There is something very dance-y about it. I always go for the obvious tracks when I think about dancing. I'm not very good at dancing to stuff that you're not supposed to dance to either. Some people are great at it, but I can't do that expressionist dance thing, I don't feel it. I need to have a proper banging beat. But I feel like Loop have got that. They have lots of tracks where you can really shake your hair. And wiggle your booty.