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Baker's Dozen

From Raw To Clean: Helena Hauff's Favourite Records
Kate Hutchinson , August 1st, 2018 09:37

Ahead of her appearance at this month's Berlin Atonal festival, Helena Hauff guides Kate Hutchinson through 13 favourite records, from Iggy to Serge and Loop to a host of true bangerz


Doris Norton ‎– Personal Computer
For a start, the cover is absolutely fan-tas-tic. There's this amazing looking woman playing multiple synthesisers, and it's from 1984. It's one of those 'What the hell is that?' covers. She is just amazing: making that kind of music at that kind of time, as a woman, being sponsored by Apple. Apparently she was sponsored by Apple and got a computer and the logo is on the cover. In a way, her being a woman at that time made an impression on me. But when I listen to music I don't differentiate [between genders]. If it's not obviously a name like Doris, so they have like an alias that could be male or female, a lot of the time I wouldn't even check up on stuff, I just listen to the music. In an ideal world I hope that it doesn't make a difference if it's a woman, or man, or whoever, making the music.