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Baker's Dozen

From Raw To Clean: Helena Hauff's Favourite Records
Kate Hutchinson , August 1st, 2018 09:37

Ahead of her appearance at this month's Berlin Atonal festival, Helena Hauff guides Kate Hutchinson through 13 favourite records, from Iggy to Serge and Loop to a host of true bangerz


Ross 154 ‎– Fragments
I discovered this artist on MySpace. I was only on it for a couple of months because I didn't like the way this whole social media thing back then made me feel about myself and about other people. But I would check it out for music every now and then. And I found this artist Newworldaquarium, of which Ross 154 this another alias. He was a big inspiration at the time to make music. At the time, about 2008, I wasn't DJ-ing yet, but I made music on the computer and I would sample a lot of things and layer them like he does. In his Newworldaquarium stuff, he uses very fragile samples and they move and merge into each other and I thought it was really good. I still love his stuff. That's probably my favourite record by him: I love the melodies, the production, everything about it.