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Luke Turner , July 30th, 2018 10:39


Great tiding for you this Monday morning: we are shouting golden shouts in tQHQ as Nitzer Ebb are coming back with an extensive box set and live dates. This morning the group launched a new website called TEXTPRODUKT which, we are told, will be the source of information about the reactivation. "As well as the group Nitzer Ebb there is also the collective NITZEREBBPRODUKT," the site informs; "Under this collective all aspects from design to performance are taken care of." Douglas McCarthy and Bon Harris will be joined in the Nitzer Ebb reunion by fellow original member David Gooday, who left the group in 1987, and Simon Granger of Stark.

The first announced live date is at the the AMPHI Festival in Cologne on 20th July 2019 with further announcements expected soon. The activity will be preceded by a huge box set release this autumn. This spans the years 1982 to 2010 and includes all of their albums plus a booklet featuring new visual material and liner notes by Douglas McCarthy and Bon Harris. For more information on the release, go here. The reunion is a timely one - Harris and McCarthy have been playing together recently in LA-based group Black Line, and the Fixmer/McCarthy dates last year were peppered with killer versions of NE songs. As our Luke Turner wrote over in The Guardian earlier this year, Nitzer Ebb's influence is all over contemporary EBM-flecked techno.