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Apocalyptic Techno-Opera NIBIRU! Seeks Funding
Jamie Ryder , July 26th, 2018 14:00

Avanthard Collective's “radical 21st century political techno spoken-word opera” will focus on the Nibiru extinction event

Musician and multimedia artist Ergo Phizmiz PLC (aka Dominic Robertson) is seeking funding for his opera NIBIRU!.

The production will deal with the Nibiru cataclysm, a long-standing conspiracy theory which holds that a mysterious planet named Nibiru (alternately known as Planet X) will eventually collide with Earth and destroy it.

Avanthard Collective, which involves Phizmiz and Lottie Bowater, is seeking donations to cover rehearsal spaces, marketing, materials for sets, costumes and more. You can contribute here.

NIBIRU! is set to premiere at Tête à Tête Opera Festival at RADA Studios on August 7 2018, but the artists are still seeking £1000 to pay for the various costs outlined.

This isn’t Phizmiz’s first foray into opera, having previously produced The United Kingdom of Earth: A Brexit Opera, which he also crowd-funded and showed at Tête à Tête.

He was also behind last year's acclaimed time-skipping, mind-bending opera Mozart vs. Machine.

The real-life exponents of the Nibiru theory have faced resistance from the scientific community, which has rejected the idea on various grounds and asserted that any celestial body of Nibiru’s proposed size would be easily visible to amateur astronomers. Nibiru adherents argue in response that the planet is hiding behind the sun.

While real Nibiru sightings are unlikely, those interested in Phizmiz’s work might want to involve themselves in the cause by helping with the construction of “a giant capitalism mother-monster” on August 6. The collective is also seeking cast members.

You can donate and read more about NIBIRU! here.