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Baker's Dozen

Double Take: Kim Gordon & Bill Nace On The Art That Inspired Body/Head
Brian Coney , July 11th, 2018 08:38

From Twin Peaks and Circuit des Yeux to Atlanta and Pink Floyd, Kim Gordon and Bill Nace reveal the records, films, TV shows and books that made an imprint on the writing and recording of their new album


Pink Floyd – 'Let There Be More Light' (From A Saucerful of Secrets)
The structure of 'Let There Be More Light' is not conventional. It goes through different things - you think it's going to go one and it goes the other. But much more than this record, before Bill and I started playing together in Body/Head, I found this 1968 live footage of Pink Floyd on YouTube. They were playing and it was almost like people were dancing to abstract music. There were visuals and it was amazing. In 1968, they were doing stuff that we're just doing now. Syd Barrett was sitting down and playing prepared guitar, like Bill does when he does his solo stuff - and other people who play prepared guitars do. That was all really inspiring, originally to the band, I think. - KG