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Luke Turner , July 6th, 2018 09:38

Duo are back with a new EP and smooooooth new sound

Long-time Quietus favourites HTRK have returned with their first new material in four years, we're pleased to report. The Melbourne-based duo have given us the excellent 'More To Enjoy' to share, and you can listen to it playing above. The smooth new sound from Jonnine Standish and Nigel Yang comes from the Drama EP, is backed by second track 'Mentions', and precedes an incoming new album, the group's fourth. We asked Nigel Yang a few questions about the new HTRK material. They play Melbourne's Night Cat venue tonight, 6th July.

What's been happening in the world of HTRK since we last heard from you?

Nigel Yang: Jonn and I have come full circle in terms of how we make our music, so after many years of exploring electronic sounds we’ve now got a renewed focus on guitar and vocal and the interplay between them. We’re writing a lot of new material and we’re more in sync than before as we now both live in Melbourne after being apart for seven years.

The new material sounds a lot smoother than you have previously - what's prompting this evolution?

NY: I think we’re just more chilled than before, with a more spiritual perspective on life.

How representative are these new tracks of the album?

NY: They’re a good indication of the album, there’s more emotion and theatre in the lyrics and perhaps more romance in the music overall.

What has been inspiring you of late?

NY: Sounds corny but the fact Jonn and I have been playing together for so long, but any psychological weight or burden has disappeared, so it feels light and new.