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Baker's Dozen

Cool & Collected: Let's Eat Grandma's Favourite Albums
Aimee Armstrong , July 4th, 2018 12:12

As Let's Eat Grandma release excellent new album I'm All Ears, they guide Aimee Armstrong through a Baker's Dozen loaded with contemporary pop, from Janelle Monáe to Sophie, Kendrick Lamar, Lorde and Christine & The Queens


Lorde - Pure Heroine
RW: I got into this record, after we made I, Gemini. Her lyricism is incredible, she's so relatable. I like how she uses transport a lot in her lyrics, which we've also been doing recently. I guess it just happens when you spend a lot of time traveling. I love lines like "We ride the bus with our knees pulled in"!

JH: On the 'Louvre' from Melodrama she samples a train. I slightly prefer Pure Heroine to Melodrama though. I love the lyricists who observe society and behaviour in really interesting ways.

RW: Her music feels really colourful to me, she talks a lot about synesthesia. 'Tennis Court' is green. 'Royals' is red, obviously, 'Team', light blue, and 'Buzzcut Season' is purple.

JH: I think it's black.