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Baker's Dozen

Cool & Collected: Let's Eat Grandma's Favourite Albums
Aimee Armstrong , July 4th, 2018 12:12

As Let's Eat Grandma release excellent new album I'm All Ears, they guide Aimee Armstrong through a Baker's Dozen loaded with contemporary pop, from Janelle Monáe to Sophie, Kendrick Lamar, Lorde and Christine & The Queens

Let's Eat Grandma's Rosa Walton and Jenny Hollingworth were 13 when they started writing I, Gemeni and just 17 when it was released. Since then, their enthusiasm for new music has led to an inspired new record, Quietus record of the week I, Gemeni. They've followed in the footsteps of the artists they love; if I, Gemeni was Frank Ocean's Channel Orange then new album I'm All Ears is their Blonde. It's vastly expansive, unpredictable, brash, yet littered with infectious lyrical motifs.

The lyrical inspiration for the most part came from personal episodes. 'I'm All Ears' explores emotional experiences typical to any teenager's life, making this a totally relatable album. Yet it sounds altogether quite strange, for Let's Eat Grandma have created something with great emotional impact while not relying on the trite stereotypes of a self-consciously 'meaningful' pop record. Though they certainly won't sound like this forever, it's interesting to see the band developing people: “I think the age we are at now is the most integral part of our lives in terms of developing influences,” Walton says.

In the Lexington a couple of weeks ago, the group unpicked some of their influences, especially those contemporary artists who like them are redefining the pop landscape. Click the image below to go through the Baker's Dozen.