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Over 10 Million Releases On Discogs
Christian Eede , July 2nd, 2018 12:18

Discogs' ever-expanding database now features more than 10 million releases

18 years on from its founding at the turn of the millennium, Discogs' database now includes more than 10 million unique releases.

Discogs was launched in 2000 by Kevin Lewandoski who is still the company's President today. The first listing to appear on the site was a 2xLP edition of producer The Persuader's Stockholm, released originally in 1999 on Swedish label Svek.

Two years after its founding, in 2002, Discogs launched its online marketplace service allowing users to sell vinyl, CDs, cassettes and other forms of physical audio via the website. It was reported earlier this year that over $200 million was spent by users on the site in 2017 alone.

Discogs' database of unique releases is mostly maintained by its many users with over 400,000 having contributed listings. For more information on the company's latest milestone, head here.