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Heart Beats: Stuart A Staples On The Music That Inspired Arrythmia
Luke Turner , June 27th, 2018 09:07

From Linton Kwesi Johnson to Laurie Anderson, Kendrick Lamar to Robert Wyatt, Miles Davis and Insecure Men - Tindersticks vocalist Stuart A Staples selects the music that shaped his brilliant new solo album, Arrythmia


Thom Yorke – The Eraser
Guys in bands making solo albums… I've never been a Radiohead listener (people stare in disbelief) because I got off to a bad start - that 'Creep' song took some getting over back in the day. I know one day I will listen intently to Kid A and probably love it. It was the same with Dark Side Of The Moon, it took decades to get over my prejudice - too many parties in my youth killed by dope-smoking hippies turning off the lights and playing stuff like that when I just wanted to dance with the girls. It wasn't Pink Floyd's fault and in the end it wasn't Radiohead's, but it's hard to succumb to a world full of people telling you you gotta listen to something. Anyway, my first solo album was made around the same time as Thom made this and I was curious. I loved it and still do. If I ever get into a Radiohead conversation with one of their many fans, I always mention my love for this album. They stare back blankly - 'No, I must have missed that one'.