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Heart Beats: Stuart A Staples On The Music That Inspired Arrythmia
Luke Turner , June 27th, 2018 09:07

From Linton Kwesi Johnson to Laurie Anderson, Kendrick Lamar to Robert Wyatt, Miles Davis and Insecure Men - Tindersticks vocalist Stuart A Staples selects the music that shaped his brilliant new solo album, Arrythmia


Thomas Belhom – Cheval Oblique
Thomas is my favourite musician. A soloist – Melodic percussion, he calls it. Somehow I came across his first album and by chance and he was playing at the 'La Ginguette Pirate' in Paris on a night I was passing through. I fell for Thomas that night in a deep way. Even though I love his writing, singing and guitar playing, 'Cheval Oblique' is a pretty much a percussion album and is the one I tend to reach for when I fancy a bit of that thing that only he does. There is a total freedom of expression flowing through his body. I was lucky enough for him to be a part of my band for a while. I once apologised to him for the little money I could afford to pay him. He looked me in the eye and said 'Stuart, I don't do this for money'.