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WRONG Festival Won't Take Place Next Year
Patrick Clarke , June 25th, 2018 12:38

After two sterling editions, Liverpool's WRONG Festival has announced it will not take place next year

Photo by Michael Kirkham

WRONG Festival will not take place in 2019, according to a statement on the event's social media outlets.

Billed as a 'festival for the freakscene', the gig brought the likes of Damo Suzuki, Gnod, Future Of The Left, Jambinai and The Wytches to Liverpool's Invisible Wind Factory and surrounding venues.

After two excellent editions, organiser Michael Edward posted the following statement:

"It's with a heavy heart, but also a great sense of relief that I have to announce that there will be no Wrong Festival in 2019. If any of you have ever put on an event like this I'm sure you can empathise with the amount of work that goes into it, and the pressure involved. Planning begins the summer of the year before, and when putting on a festival takes over your life for the best part of your year it begins to take its toll. Wrong is mainly organised just by myself, and while its been a success, the amount of financial risk taken, and the effect on my mental health has been too large to ignore.

"I'd rather bow out with two years of amazing shows and fond memories than have the day become a millstone around my neck in the future, which is a definite danger, especially when trying to balance a full time job, running a record label and being in a touring band. Some incredible moments came from Wrong, including getting to work with some genuine musical heroes of mine, and I've made a great many friends because of it. I know the festival means a lot to many of you, but right now I simply can't keep up with what's needed to do it justice. It may return in the future, but if and when is uncertain for now. My love goes out to everyone who's helped the festival, the wonderful artists who've played, and most of all, the excellent people who made up the crowds. Keep making music, and look after yourselves and each other."