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Baker's Dozen

Rainbow Selection: The Muppets' Favourite LPs
The Quietus , June 20th, 2018 10:21

As The Muppets head to London for a giant live extravaganza, Kermit, Miss Piggy, Animal, Gonzo et all give us a run through of their favourite albums! Plus a guide to the musical history of the crew by Rory Phillips


Don Rickles - Hello, Dummy
...chosen by Statler & Waldorf

STATLER: As a rule, we hate everything, including this magazine
WALDORF: What kind of name is Quietus? Sounds like some sort of sleeping sickness.
STATLER: Sleeping! What great idea! Zzzzzzzzzzz
WALDORF: Not now, you old fool.
STATLER: What? Huh!? Where are we?
WALDORF: They want to know the name of our favorite album.
STATLER: Hello, Dummy
WALDORF: Oh yeah? Well, hello dummy to you too!
STATLER: No, that’s the name of the album – Hello Dummy - by Don Rickles.
WALDORF: Oh Rickles! What a genius! He made his entire career out of insulting other people!
STATLER: Hey, that’s what we do..
WALDORF: Yeah, but Rickles was smarter than us.
WALDORF: He got paid for it. Do-ho-ho-ho!!!!!