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LISTEN: New Jaye Jayle Track
Christian Eede , June 13th, 2018 10:39

Young Widows frontman Evan Patterson returns with a second album for his Americana-noir project Jaye Jayle

Young Widows' Evan Patterson launched his Americana-noir project Jaye Jayle in 2014 with a debut album, House Cricks And Other Excuses To Get Out, following two years later. Now he's back with a second album for the alias, titled No Trail And Other Unholy Paths.

Premiering above is the downtempo 'As Soon As Night' from the album. "'As Soon As Night' is the most enjoyable song to perform on the album," says Patterson. "Originally, I called it 'The Break Up Song'. The words are very clear. If there's any confusion maybe give the song another listen, maybe a little louder this time, and let the sounds just spiral around the story."

The album sees Patterson joined by a band consisting of Todd Cook on bass, Neal Argabright on drums and Corey Smith on other instrumentation. Patterson says that the album has no specific beginning or ending with side A and B of the vinyl version intended to be played interchangably.

No Trail And Other Unholy Paths is out on June 29 via Sargent House and can be pre-ordered here.