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LISTEN: New Femanyst On Noise Manifesto
The Quietus , June 4th, 2018 13:19

Paula Temple's Noise Manifesto label unleashes a new EP from producer Femanyst

The producer formerly known as Lady Blacktronika has set out a new path under the name of Femanyst with a new record for Paula Temple's Noise Manifesto label, entitled Post-Traumatic Rave Syndrome, providing an insight into this harder, more direct approach she is now taking. You can hear the EP in full above.

Across four tracks, punishing kick drums and wailing, hard-edged synths stand in distinct opposition to the smoother deep house that the producer, real name Akua Grant, was exploring as Lady Blacktronika.

The record is described as a tribute to one of Grant's first musical loves, "90s rave weirdness", and that can be heard through the record's militant progression. Post-Traumatic Rave Syndrome is out now on Noise Manifesto with the label set to follow it up with a new record from SØS Gunver Ryberg, called SOLFALD which is due out on June 29. Below, we caught up with Grant to discuss her new record for Noise Manifesto.

Does the new alias and the switch to gabber/techno mean anything beyond wanting to try a harder style? The aggression and clarity feels exciting to me, is that how it feels to you?

Akua Grant: Yes for sure. I feel that this music has been a way for me to channel my energy into something empowering. For me it has allowed me to completely change my energetic focus from pain to power. It's uplifting and has made me really happy, ironically since I'm playing rather aggressive music nowadays.

Has anything or any things in particular prompted the development from Lady Blacktronika to Femanyst?

AG: Honestly, I was bored of the music I was hearing when I went out. I decided I wanted to change what I was hearing. The emotional development and sort of persona came about completely by accident. I had not idea that was there under the surface.

Post-Traumatic Rave Syndrome can be interpreted in a funny way but is it also what you're feeling?

AG: For me it’s not funny. The title came about from actually suffering with PTSD-type symptoms. Dealign with bad relationships, pressure in the industry and desire to get over all that stuff. These tracks represent some of that. All of my music does.

Have you been home to California much since you moved to Berlin? Do you feel your roots are there, although your music and sound are so closely associated with Detroit and Chicago?

AG: I've been back once. My roots are there but they are in the past. The scene I grew up in and that shaped me doesn't exist anymore. Berlin is what I’m about now.

Who are you working with and who are you enjoying at the moment?

AG: Right now I’m working with a few of newcomers Piska Power & MSS VTK. We're currently working on projects for my new techno label Dark Carousel.

What do you make your music on? Can you tell me a bit about the process?

AG: I use Synapse Orion, which no one has heard of, and Live. My process includes having my mind blown so I can find the strangest, most exciting sounds and commit them to track.