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Christian Eede , May 23rd, 2018 16:14

Ahead of their party celebrating a decade of events at London's Corsica Studios this weekend, promoters THEM have enlisted some of those on the bill to put together a playlist for your listening pleasure

Over the last decade, promoters THEM have been throwing parties around London showcasing some of the finest, hard-edged techno out there, plus more. They have also grown to take in a record label showcasing similar sounds to those you might hear at their nights.

This weekend sees them celebrate those 10 years with a party at London's Corsica Studios which will see the likes of AnD (playing on six decks and two mixers no less), Sunil Sharpe & DeFeKT (playing as Tinfoil) and Sleeparchive amongst others DJing and playing live.

It all takes place on Saturday (May 26), and you can find more information and grab tickets here. Ahead of the party, we caught up with some of those playing this weekend to put together a playlist that ranges from hard as nails techno to soft rock for your enjoyment. You can find those picks below.

AnD pick Thomas P. Heckmann - 'Crash & Turn'

"Killer stripped-back acid rave track from the genius Mr. Heckmann!"

Tinfoil pick Richard Marx - 'Hazard'

"Still a tune and a half. Big influence on our album."

Sleeparchive picks Sleeparchive - 14 Sketches

"Tracks are made from recent live sets / loops that worked best."

JoeFarr picks Corroid - 'Damais Und Der Stacheldraht'

"This face-melter caught my attention... watch out for Corroid's new EP coming up on UX. Some kind of thick cold liquid going on with the synths he makes that sucks you into the perpetual vortex."

Eomac picks AFX & Squarepusher - 'Freeman, Hardy & Willis Acid'

"These were two of my musical heroes growing up, and they still have the power to move and inspire me when I revisit tracks like this."

J. Tijn picks Ciel - 'Erhu Jam'

"Sounds like a paddling pool full of armbands."

Kalli picks Reload - 'Pesci'

"The tracklist of my set will consist mostly of my own rave compositions for the giggles and shits! In between there'll be euphoric, confusing, gritty and proper glamorous music from your favourite DJ's favourite producers; giving nods to both late '80s/'90s/'00s and present ravey records."

Altar picks Deapmash - 'Basement Space Party'

"From the latest record on THEM by Deapmash. Pure rave bounce, expect sounds like this on Saturday."

Waterworks picks M Beat - 'Just A Little (Mellow Mix)'

"I was gonna choose an emosh one from my first ever THEM set back in late 2011, but fuck it maaaate, here's a taste of what room 2 will sound like around 1am on the 26th."