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Baker's Dozen

Rediscovering Mystery: Neko Case's Baker's Dozen
Emma Madden , May 15th, 2018 10:23

With her ninth full-length album set for release at the beginning of next month, Neko Case takes Emma Madden on a trip from The Cramps to Joanna Newsom, as she calls at 13 ports of strangeness for her Baker's Dozen.


Butthole Surfers - Psychic... Powerless...Another Man's Sac
This is just one of my favourite records. It's so dark and super strange and crazy, but also has that sense of humour like The Cramps do. That dark sense of humour that makes fun of really obvious, everyday things. Y'know like, what are we doing? It's this weird, powerful energy but it's not macho, not this masculine, testosterone thing. I like songs that aren't just verse-chorus-verse-chorus anyway. These were just frenetic soundscapes. Also I loved Paul Leary's guitar playing because it wasn't this exacting macho Best Guitar Players Of All Time thing. It was very much just a bunch of insanity and great sounds and tones, and he would fuck up and he would go into that fuck up and pull himself out of that fuck up. Like he had a biplane and he was barnstorming something. Still to this day he's one of my favourite guitar players.

What appeals to you about musicians with a sense of humour?i

I think it just lets the audience know that they acknowledge you, that we're here together. It's going 'hey, you're invited to this' not just 'stand there silently while I jizz my majesty all over you'. It's nice while not being nice, y'know what I mean.