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Baker's Dozen

A Belly Full: Tanya Donelly's Favourite Albums
Emily Mackay , May 2nd, 2018 08:12

As Belly release their first album in over two decades, Tanya Donelly guides Emily Mackay through 13 favourite albums, from Leonard Cohen to The Cocteau Twins, Kate Bush to Iggy Pop, The Bunnymen, Mary Margaret O'Hara and more


Echo & The Bunnymen – Ocean Rain
It's just such a beautiful piece of art, this album, really gorgeous. It's a world that they create; you're stepping into a place that feels very real with them. And again, back to my hidden goth. I don't have an inner child, I have an inner goth. I had maybe one or two friends that shared my love for them at the time, so this album is very personal. It's not a social album for me. It was very much something I kept for and to myself. The older I get, I realise how impactful it was for me. There's not a missable moment: every song is perfect on its own, and then all woven together, it's a beautiful thing. It's perfect. Beauty is really the word; it's just got this dark blue beauty, album cover aside – how it feels as well. I was listening to it the other day and was thinking, it's like 40 minutes long, and it feels like hours to me, in the best possible way. There's so much – I feel like it's not just linear.