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Baker's Dozen

A Belly Full: Tanya Donelly's Favourite Albums
Emily Mackay , May 2nd, 2018 08:12

As Belly release their first album in over two decades, Tanya Donelly guides Emily Mackay through 13 favourite albums, from Leonard Cohen to The Cocteau Twins, Kate Bush to Iggy Pop, The Bunnymen, Mary Margaret O'Hara and more


Split Enz – Conflicting Emotions
This one is definitely going back to my youth. I remember seeing the 'I Got You' video, and that was just the epitome of new-wave bliss for me. I lost track a little bit after that, until Conflicting Emotions pulled me back in. The main reason I picked this album – they have a huge body of work, both together and separately – is really because of one song. 'The Devil You Know' literally runs through my head every single day of my life, without exaggeration. It really resonates with me in a permanent way. I actually just got in touch with some friends about covering it, so we're working on that. I can't say who yet because I haven't got all my yeses back. The song was written by Neil Finn and I think in general, this album seems to get criticism because it was the beginning of Tim Finn exiting, a little bit. But still, it's the one. This is where you first hear Crowded House, on this album, who I also love. I just feel like he means everything he says. That comes through, every word. And 'The Devil You Know', I feel the message makes sense to me. There's an earworm element to it, but not annoying at all thankfully. It's my best friend, basically.