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LISTEN: New Apostille Single
Christian Eede , May 1st, 2018 11:58

Night School Records boss Michael Kasparis shares a new single as Apostille

Michael Kasparis, the man behind Glasgow's Night School Records (which tQ count as one of our favourites), will soon release a new album as Apostille via Upset The Rhythm. He has now shared a second track from that album, called 'Without Me', and you can hear it above.

The track is a spritely, synth-pop banger much in the vein of 'Feel Bad', the anthemic lead single for which Kasparis shared a video in March. You can check that out here.

'Without Me' features on Choose Life, Kasparis' fourth standalone album release as Apostille and his first for Upset The Rhythm. It was written, he says, to aid a process of catharsis. "The album title was intended as ironic at first but as the writing process went on the album began to feel more playful, I was finding revelatory threads in it I hadn't intended. Choose Life became an imperative."

Commenting on 'Without Me', he says: "Throughout the whole of Choose Life I was trying to blow up this fictional character, create a vortex of energy with something in the middle that is extreme emotionally but still true to life. I didn't want to write pure autobiography, but after writing something like 'I want everyone to only breathe if I say they can' I got into the Enneagram Personality Test and discovered that that desire, to take on the responsibility for everyone you know and be at the centre of their lives, is central to a few personality types... it rang uncomfortably true when it was finished."

Choose Life is released on June 8 and can be pre-ordered here.