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WATCH: New Goat Video
Christian Eede , April 11th, 2018 12:10

Goat explore the Gävle goat phenomenon on the new video for their track 'Let It Burn'

Goat have shared a video for their new track 'Let It Burn', which you can watch above.

The video centres around the Gävle goat, a traditional large Christmas display which is built annually in central Gävle, Sweden. Built in the shape of a Yule goat from straw every year since 1966 and unveiled on the first day of the Advent, it has become the centre of a phenomenon which sees the display burned to the ground during December by arsonists.

Despite increased security measures in response to the burnings, the goat has been damaged 37 times since it was first built. The video for the track features the Gävle goat as well as a cast partly dressed in Santa Claus outfits.

"The burning of the Gävle Goat is a tradition within the Goat Commune," the band told us when asked about the phenomenon. "We travel to Gävle and try and burn it down as often as we can. I have myself taken part in at least seven burnings. Last time was the first time I took the kids with me while we burnt it down. It's always a blast. First time I went with my grandparents when I was a kid and watched them burn it down. I have forgotten the reason why we do it, so I just do it for fun nowadays really."

The track itself was written and recorded for use in The Guardian's short movie Killing Gävle which told the story of the goat display, and the almost annual destruction that takes place.

Until now, the film was the only place where the track could be heard, amongst other material from Goat, but it's now scheduled for a full release digitally and on 7" vinyl on May 25. The record also features a new b-side, a four-minute excerpt from a recent studio jam by the group.