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Baker's Dozen

"My Dad Wrote That Better": Andrew Falkous' Baker's Dozen
JR Moores , April 11th, 2018 08:11

Ahead of this month's WRONG Festival, the man behind Mclusky, Future Of The Left and Christian Fitness speaks to JR Moores about the 13 records that inspire him (with only the occasional Lammo and ciabatta-themed digression)


'There Is A Green Hill Far Away'

My father was a headmaster but also he was a music teacher and he wrote children's plays and musicals and things. One of those plays was a retelling of the nativity story because in junior schools, what are you going to do? You're going to retell the nativity story. He had 'There Is A Green Hill' in there and I assumed for years that the song which was in there was that song, 'There Is A Green Hill'.

A few years later, on one of the occasions when I was forced to go to church, everybody started singing a different version of 'There Is A Green Hill'. It turned out my dad had rewritten the melody of 'There Is A Green Hill'. I remember getting home and saying that I preferred the original and I don't think I have ever seen somebody look so heartbroken in my life. The irony is, as the years go by, obviously my tastes have changed significantly since I was eight. He's not around anymore so now I'm unable to tell him that's the case.

It's a song which means a lot to me. It's a little bit like that moment in Jacob's Ladder where Tim Robbins follows Macaulay Culkin up the stairs. It's got that haunting quality without any of the indulgent melancholia. Whenever I hear the original song, if I'm ever stealing the cladding from a church and they're having a service below me and I hear 'There Is A Green Hill', now what I always think is, "My dad wrote that better".