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Baker's Dozen

"My Dad Wrote That Better": Andrew Falkous' Baker's Dozen
JR Moores , April 11th, 2018 08:11

Ahead of this month's WRONG Festival, the man behind Mclusky, Future Of The Left and Christian Fitness speaks to JR Moores about the 13 records that inspire him (with only the occasional Lammo and ciabatta-themed digression)


A USA Nails album or 'Holiday Inns' by The Arndales

I don't know what USA Nails' latest album is called, they release about nine a year anyway, but they're a fantastic band. I've read Baker's Dozens on The Quietus a couple of times and obviously you're talking about people's favourite or formative records so it's nearly always older records. There are lots of good bands around these days and it's a shame that they never make their way into lists like this so I thought I'd be really tokenistic about it. I could've picked something from St. Pierre Snake Invasion but USA Nails are fantastic as well.

Like I say, god knows what the album's called. They're a band I experience live more than anything. Steve Hodson, who is the "singer" in heavy inverted commas, played bass for Future Of The Left for a while after Kelson [Mathias] left. As much as I don't like to talk about people as "talented musicians" - because what the fuck else are you if you're up on stage playing a fucking guitar? - he really is about as talented and intuitive a musician as you get. In essence, I'm not really playing fair with you there because for me they're all about the live show.

The last recorded song by a British rock band which really blew my mind is The Arndales song 'Holiday Inns'. It's one of those songs which has got a lovely kinetic shift to it. It just excites me. It's very difficult. I'm much better at talking about stories which surround music as opposed to describing why I like the music. Why do you like this song? It is a good song. Listen to it. Listen to the song.

Do you have any Arndales anecdotes you can throw in?

I was about to say they're just normal people but they're not. I don't really have an Arndales anecdote. I mean, I'll never dance, the world isn't ready for me to fucking dance, mate, but I always love a song that threatens to make me dance. 

I thought you had "sealed the deal" with your wife by dancing? You've already said you're a dancer.

Ah, that's private. I dance to T'Pau for my wife. And I always dance up escalators. That's it. That's the only time I dance.

But if you were to dance, you would dance to The Arndales.

The song 'Holiday Inns', specifically. And when I watch USA Nails live, I think that if I was younger I would go and hurtle against people while listening to it like I used to when I was a kid but I won't anymore. I'll stand slightly to the right of the stage drinking a Peroni which I have insisted is on the rider because I'm not drinking Tuborg for any cunt and I'll be nodding and going, "Oh yeah, they've really developed as a band." Like an absolute wanker.