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Phase Four Of The Caretaker's Everywhere At The End Of Time
Patrick Clarke , April 5th, 2018 16:08

The fourth part of Leyland Kirby's ongoing project exploring 'dementia, its advance and its totality' has been released

Leyland Kirby, aka The Caretaker, has shared 'Phase Four' of his ongoing project Everywhere At The End Of Time via Boomkat. You can order a limited vinyl run of it here

It is the next stage of an ongoing project that began in 2016, this is the first of the series' 'post-awareness' phases. The record is envisaged to roughly mirror the stages in which the disease progresses.

As material surrounding the release describes it: "Each stage will reveal new points of progression, loss and disintegration. Progressively falling further and further towards the abyss of complete memory loss and nothingness."

Artwork for the record comes from the great Ivan Seal, who discussed his collaborations with The Caretaker and his own explorations into memory in an interview with tQ last month.

As the first 'post-awareness' phase, this is the first part of the project not to come with a description. The first, in September 2016, was described as: "Here we experience the first signs of memory loss. This stage is most like a beautiful daydream. The glory of old age and recollection. The last of the great days."

The second stage "Is the self realisation and awareness that something is wrong with a refusal to accept that. More effort is made to remember so memories can be more long form with a little more deterioration in quality. The overall personal mood is generally lower than the first stage and at a point before confusion starts setting in."

The third, which was released last September is described as follows: "Here we are presented with some of the last coherent memories before confusion fully rolls in and the grey mists form and fade away. Finest moments have been remembered, the musical flow in places is more confused and tangled. As we progress some singular memories become more disturbed, isolated, broken and distant. These are the last embers of awareness before we enter the post awareness stages."

At the outset of the work, Kirby spoke in depth with tQ's John Doran about the huge new project over a game of darts. Read that here.