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WATCH: New Errant Monks Video
Christian Eede , March 19th, 2018 14:48

Manchester's Errant Monks share a video for new track 'BKM (Thamus SW Misunderstanding)'

Over the last few weeks here on tQ, we have been bringing you a selection of live videos as captured by IMPATV, who are regularly on hand to document some of the most exciting new and established alternative acts in the UK and beyond.

Their latest offering is a little different though, presenting a nine-minute video of a new track from Manchester's Errant Monks, called 'BKM (Thamus SW Misunderstanding)'. The visual centres around static-ridden television screens and images of warfare, protest and politicians, somewhat apt for the noise-ridden, tense sounds drummed up by Errant Monks on the track.

The track is the first single to be shared from their upcoming The Limit Experience LP, due out on Maternal Voice in the future. A cassette of experimental recordings is also planned for release via Tesla Tapes soon, with live performances in support of those releases set to take place across Europe between May and September. Details of those shows and releases will be announced in the coming months.

Below, they have also shared some somewhat cryptic words about their current work, which you can read in full below.

"Fandango Shack, M16 - In the aftermath of August’s Révülé, the patient reports information transmitted by a variety of television and radio apparatus set up about the day room. Forgetting these signals are external, the patient begins to believe the simulcasts are in fact internal instructions on how to successfully navigate a peaceful world order.

"Cosh Administered - A monochromatic blitzkrieg of global sin; surveillance and news footage awash with hypnotic cathode rays warping in and out of minds paralysed in night terror revelation. If you look closely enough you will see the sharp side of Skariphastai.

"Enter Σrrant Monks: Psychopposition- Advanced Guard, counteracting punishment of insanity in the face of incessant bombardments of Machiavellian control. Perpetrators of social and creative oppression, you’ve been reading words upside down! Adjust your gaze. What runs North also runs Downstream. They call this exercise in Agnosticism; Denial of The Nile. Serious business!

"We encourage those caught up in the struggle to reach out and let us know. Much experience of The Manipulancients and their many rigged agendas and Technopolies has left us with system navigation knowledge in abundance. Organise! Red is the colour of Origin! Rise and Work… Sdvig!"