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WATCH: New JFK Video
Christian Eede , March 12th, 2018 17:38

Ramleh's Anthony Di Franco shares a new video from his solo JFK project

Ramleh's Anthony Di Franco is currently lining up a new record under his solo JFK alias, collecting recordings made between 2015 and 2017.

Ahead of the release of the album, which is called Weapon Design, he has shared a new track and accompanying video in the form of 'D.M.Z.'. You can watch above.

The video sets images of war, and aerial landscape shots, against his hard-edged, pummelling drums and razor-sharp synth experimentations which channel the sound of Ramleh whilst also zoning in on Di Franco's own curiosities for production.

Weapon Design is the latest in a string of releases from Di Franco as JFK, with a release scheduled for April. "This is the first purely electronic album I have ever made; there isn't a single strummed string or a note of bass or guitar feedback on it – it's purely hardware synths and drum machines," Di Franco says.

He continues: "This started out as an aesthetic choice but became more imperative as the themes behind the album emerged. This is definitive break in direction for the project; I'll continue to use guitars on other projects but JFK will pursue a purely electronic direction."

Di Franco says that the themes on this new album comes from a feeling that we are again approaching a cold war mentality, something he says he is familiar with having grown up in the 1980s. "The disruptive use of technology and information in asymmetric warfare between governments has made our collective grip on consensus reality ever shakier. Perversely, this can be perceived as exhilarating and even liberating."

You can pre-order the album ahead of its release next month here.