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Spotify Pilots Auto-Mixing Function
Christian Eede , March 12th, 2018 13:26

A new feature in Spotify, believed to be in its early testing stage, allows user to blend tracks within a playlist

Spotify has unveiled a new auto-mixing function which allows user to blend tracks within a playlist.

The new feature, which is currently in its piloting stage, beatmatches two tracks when shuffle is turned on and the crossfade function is switched off, as Music Ally reports. As they explain, if you engage the above settings and play the first track on this Drum & Bass Fix playlist, the programme will transition seamlessly to the next track. As they explain, with the feature appearing to work when the playlist is set to play in shuffle mode, it seems that the mixing is happening on the fly.

"We are always testing new products and experiences, but have no further news to share at this time," said a spokesperson from Spotify when Music Ally contacted the company for more details. It's unclear when Spotify will share more details on this new feature. The new feature comes amidst Spotify's plans to go public on the Stock Exchange in early April