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Baker's Dozen

Vibrations: Roll Deep Man Riko Dan On His 13 Favourite LPs
Yemi Abiade , February 28th, 2018 10:19

The grime veteran has a varied musical history, and his 13 selections across rap, soul and dancehall are proof.


Dizzee Rascal - Boy In Da Corner
I started doing music as a drum & bass MC, and I didn't think we'd ever get to a stage where mandem would be doing albums like this. Mainstream albums without doing mainstream music. I always thought we were boxed into a corner where we do one thing and then others are in another corner doing that thing, and we couldn't do what we do and be successful. There were murmurs of grime at the time, but no one really cared. If you were a grime artist, you'd have to know a promoter for him to book you; Dizzee made grime fashionable with this album. He was a good MC, a cool black kid and I think the mainstream wanted an urban kid they could get behind. Before we knew it, he wasn't just on the charts, he was a household name. Nans knew who he was. 'Hold Your Mouf' is a mad tune. The album will only become more important as time goes by; it's a classic album.