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Baker's Dozen

Vibrations: Roll Deep Man Riko Dan On His 13 Favourite LPs
Yemi Abiade , February 28th, 2018 10:19

The grime veteran has a varied musical history, and his 13 selections across rap, soul and dancehall are proof.


Gregory Isaacs - Night Nurse
One day I came home from staying at my nan's for the weekend, I walk into my house, the front door is wide open, my mum is in the kitchen and is telling me not to go into the front room, so I did, and Gregory Isaacs is just there, sitting on the floor. The reason why I knew it was him is because of the album sleeve with his face on it. I think he was there because my mum used to go out with a Jamaican guy who was there with him; I don't think there was anything good going on. It didn't mean much to me then – I was only 12 at the time – but I knew he was famous. When he died I felt a way, because my mum knew him. His music was always beating in the house and I loved the title track. There are lover's rock tunes but also a couple of bad man tunes as well, where he's singing a lot of gritty stuff.