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Baker's Dozen

Vibrations: Roll Deep Man Riko Dan On His 13 Favourite LPs
Yemi Abiade , February 28th, 2018 10:19

The grime veteran has a varied musical history, and his 13 selections across rap, soul and dancehall are proof.


Bounty Killer - Poor People's Governor
This is another one of those albums that you heard around but could never get a hold of. You only heard these tunes on soundclash tapes that weren't readily available, even though my mum used to have loads of them. When you listen to the tape, you close your eyes and you're transported there, you can hear everything; the whistles, the selector making lots of noise etc. Then, the album fully came out. It's a really important album for me; I actually started spitting like Bounty Killer until I developed my own style. He calls himself The Warlord, so I named myself The London City Warlord; he's probably still my favourite bashment rapper now.