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LISTEN: New Mind Over Mirrors
Christian Eede , February 21st, 2018 16:13

Jaime Fennelly returns as Mind Over Mirrors for new album and part-art project

Mind Over Mirrors has announced a new album, entitled The Bellowing Sun. Premiering from the album above is 'Zeitgebers', following on from the previously shared 'Matchstick Grip'.

"A couple of years ago I began exploring what it means for us (humans, and all animals, plants, fungi and beyond) to be living on a planet that is currently getting brighter and brighter each year through artificial lighting, and the impact that that has on us in a metaphysical sense as well as various behavioral and biological effects," says Jaime Fennelly of the new record. "Where we are going isn't looking so great, although it certainly will be very bright."

He continues: "The natural time keeping events that we have evolved with over the millennia are suddenly being changed through human intervention, and the initial effects are just beginning to become evident. 'Zeitgebers' (which translates from German to English as “time-giver”) acknowledges these greater forces around us and within us."

Fennelly has been developing the album for three years, composing the music and recording the album, as well as co-designing and building a large zoetrope that will be installed above the ensemble during live iterations of the piece.

You can check out a short video trailer for the album below, featuring footage of the zoetrope and an excerpt of the album's opening track. Bellowing Sun is out on April 6.