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Rebellious Jukebox Fall Night Hebden On Sat
John Doran , February 7th, 2018 08:32

Come for The Fall. Stay for The Fall. Forecasts predict: The Fall

The Trades Club in Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire, are throwing a party on Saturday night to celebrate the music of Mark E Smith and The Fall.

TQ Editor John Doran has packed a suitcase full of all of The Fall CDs he owns (not to mention a few others by D.O.S.E., Inspiral Carpets, Von Sudenfed and the like) and will be manning the decks all night.

He is obeying a strict only MES-featuring tracks and The Fall all night long, still smarting from 'the incident' which happened during a Fall night he and friends threw for Smith's 50th birthday.

He says: "I'd billed the night as songs by The Fall and other related music. During my first set of the evening I'd played The Fall solidly for about 75 minutes when I decided to play 'Rowche Rumble' by Sonic Youth from their Peel Session.

"Within seconds of me putting the track on a very angry looking man ran over to the DJ booth and threw his drink on the floor shouting, 'If I'd known it was going to be some fucking student indie disco I wouldn't have bothered coming. Fucking rubbish!' And then he stormed out.

"So I have since learned the error of my ways. All MES all night long and nothing else!"

Tickets are only a fiver in advance and can be bought from here.