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Nervous Conditions Frontman Accused Of Sexual Assault
Patrick Clarke , January 30th, 2018 12:04

Update: The rest of Nervous Conditions have announced that they will no longer move forward with the group

Photo by Rowan Allen

Update: The rest of Nervous Conditions have announced that they are to split. In a statement which you can read in full here, the band said: "Nervous Conditions is something which we all care very strongly about, having put a huge amount of time and care into creating something genuine, new and exciting. However, given everything that has been brought to light in the past few days we no longer feel able to move forward with the group."

The frontman of Nervous Conditions has been accused of sexual assault by a number of anonymous sources.

Over the weekend, the Twitter page belonging to Norwich band Peach Club shared an anonymous account from someone 'very close' to them, which said:

"A few years ago, I was drunkenly sexually assaulted by Connor. He tried to forcibly have sex with me and when I sad no, I was greeted with much anger towards my decision. Instead of stopping there and then, he told me that it would be "fine", that I was being "stupid" and "a bitch", and when I proceeded to yell at him, he told me not to shout as I would "attract attention." He would not stop in his attempt until I physically pushed him away and removed myself from his presence.

"I never received an apology, and when other people have confronted him on this, he has denied its happening (which is why I was afraid to come forward until now). During this time he was non-consensually undressing me, despite me clearly telling him to stop. He repeatedly groped me, and put his hands in my underwear. The entire time I knew him, he manipulated me and our friendship, and so when this happened I instantly felt to blame."

The statement, which you can read here, goes on to say that "I am aware that he has done similar things to other young women". It also makes clear that the writer wishes "no responsibility to be placed upon the rest of the band, as this is purely in relation [to] the frontman, Connor."

In the same Twitter thread, Peach Club later said they had received a second statement from another anonymous woman. It said: "Connor has no concept of consent. He physically hurt me, he mentally scarred me, he repeatedly sexually assaulted me and he lied to everyone around him about my position in the situation.

It goes on to allege that Browne was fully aware that the source was in 'an extremely low, vulnerable situation in my own head and at home,' but "consistently took advantage of me. He spat nasty remarks at me when I underperformed in situations that were hugely unconsensual, he physically pushed me around, on one occasion threw my phone across the room. He utterly shattered my own perception of myself and my comfort with my sexuality."

The second statement also makes clear that it wishes no responsibility to be placed on the rest of the band, but describes Browne as "A truly dangerous individual whose company I would not wish upon anyone until he reforms".

Nervous Conditions have responded this afternoon (January 29) on their Facebook page. The statement says:

"I Connor Browne am writing in response to allegations made against me anonymously by two individuals, via a third party’s Twitter page, in the past few days.

"The accusations fill me with sadness and horror, as they don’t fit with my memory, how I try to lead my life and what I believe my character to be.

"There was a period in my life, a few years ago, where I was experimenting with alcohol, in a what I now understand to be an irresponsible way. This is not an excuse, but possibly an explanation for my behaviour as a teenage boy - for which I must and do take full responsibility. It upsets me deeply to learn that I may have hurt people I cared about very much.

"If any of those concerned wish to contact me, either directly or via the police, there are channels for doing so, and I am ready to face-up to and answer any accusations made against me. I condemn all forms of abuse, and deeply respect and support victims who bravely come forward with their stories.

"My deepest and most sincere apologies go out to both women I have affected. I would also like to apologise to the rest of my band, who were wholly unaware of any allegations that might have been made about me until the statements were released. I would also like finally to apologise to our fans, and to reiterate that I stand, not in opposition to, but in solidarity with, all women affected by sexual harassment."