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Baker's Dozen

Prole Art Treat: East Man Selects 13 Visionary Releases
Yemi Abiade , February 7th, 2018 09:16

From Kate Bush and The Fall to Mobb Deep and Vybz Kartel, Anthoney Hart, the man behind Basic Rhythm, Imaginary Forces and most recently, East Man, selects the 13 albums that helped steer his art


The Fall - Slates
This is my favourite album and period of The Fall. At that time they were really lyrically interesting and, musically, there was this lo-fi edge and grittiness to it. Mark E Smith wasn’t afraid to show his intellect, going against the stereotypes of the Northern working-class male: not being very educated etc.

‘Prole Art Threat’ is one of my favourite tracks – it’s a really punky tune, and I just love the name. It’s the idea that proletarian art is a threat to the system and I think it is. I come from pirate radio which is a working class art form, bred from areas where people had fuck all, so they made their own thing and that was a threat to the system, which is why they constantly tried to shut them down. I really rated ‘Leave The Capital’ as well because before I moved away to Sweden I got really fed up of living in London and Mark E Smith notoriously hates London. I like what The Fall represented; a group of working class people who were actually quite avant-garde and outside of the mainstream.