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Baker's Dozen

“There Is Noise In Beauty”: Cornelius’ Favourite Albums
Elizabeth Aubrey , January 31st, 2018 11:36

In the first Baker's Dozen of 2018, Cornelius guides us through 13 favourites that helped shaped his musical life, including the new-on-vinyl Mellow Waves


Chick Corea – Return to Forever
This album is sort of a classic album when it comes down to the jazz fusion genre and was heavily influential to me. The sound that the piano makes on this album is really compatible with the tremolo sound. The Fender Rhodes [it uses] heavily featured on my latest album too.   Even though there's a time difference, a little span [laughs], a 10-year span [between my albums], I was still doing other stuff, playing with Yoko Ono and other projects with a member of Yellow Magic Orchestra called METAFIVE, and I wrote the soundtrack for Ghost in the Shell Arise. Even when not recording my own album, I was always working at the studio. I penned a track for this new album maybe six or seven years ago, and then it took me a while to finish the whole process because of the other projects in between.   [Talking about Yoko Ono] It was amazing working with her in person and I really learned how powerful and just [what an] incredibly amazing person she is as an artist. But just to look at what she's done to other bands or just the cultural stuff that she has given huge impact to – like on punk rock and new wave and just pretty much everything.