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Baker's Dozen

“There Is Noise In Beauty”: Cornelius’ Favourite Albums
Elizabeth Aubrey , January 31st, 2018 11:36

In the first Baker's Dozen of 2018, Cornelius guides us through 13 favourites that helped shaped his musical life, including the new-on-vinyl Mellow Waves


Donovan – Mellow Yellow
The thing about Donovan and this album is that there's definitely a world of mellow, there's the existence of that mellowness to it, but in terms of production, Mellow Yellow feels like a [much] bigger, fuller scale album because of the [work of] all the session musicians in there. There's another album by Donovan called The Hurdy Gurdy Man, which is more psychedelic and more experimental which I also like. When you hear Donovan, who was a folk singer, he always goes so much beyond that and it's quite fascinating in terms of all the many different things he can offer. I really appreciated what Donovan did at the time.