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Baker's Dozen

“There Is Noise In Beauty”: Cornelius’ Favourite Albums
Elizabeth Aubrey , January 31st, 2018 11:36

In the first Baker's Dozen of 2018, Cornelius guides us through 13 favourites that helped shaped his musical life, including the new-on-vinyl Mellow Waves


Nick Carter – Abstracts Of Violence
I was looking him up just three hours ago, and it seems like he was completely forgotten about even though he enjoyed success for a while in the psychedelic rock scene. This is the only album Nick Carter ever put out in the past. It seems like he tried pretty hard to stay in the music scene, but it never paid off for him, so he kind of gave up on it. He's also like Jeff Phelps where he came a little too early, too much ahead of his time; he was already making music for the future at the time. But now I just so happened to find this when going through his stuff online through a random search.   There's a song called 'Dear Future Person' in Mellow Waves, and in terms of storytelling I've been influenced by some people like Jeff Phelps and Nick Carter. There's always this exciting and fascinating fact that you might be traveling somewhere really remote or in a little town and then you pick up song or record at a random store, and you happened to like it, but it was made years and years ago. There are definitely always some people who will appreciate it, even no matter how much time passes afterwards. Those two are pretty critical influences for me despite the time [that has passed].