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LISTEN: Aaron Hemphill Is Nonpareils
Christian Eede , January 23rd, 2018 16:09

Former Liars member Aaron Hemphill announces debut solo album as Nonpareils

Aaron Hemphill, formerly of Liars, has announced details of his debut solo album, Scented Pictures.

Released under the name Nonpareils, the album features his first recordings since his amicable departure from Liars in 2016. You can hear lead track 'The Timeless Now' above.

"Basically I wanted a name that didn't evoke a single person or a producer name, but hopefully something that sounded more like a group or a band... something plural," Hemphill says. "'The Timeless Now' feels like the most distilled track to communicate this intended illusion."

The album's songs, which were recorded in Berlin, are directly inspired by concepts relating to memories, or more accurately the sensory experience of memory. Hemphill started working on the album by recording stacks of acoustic instruments while, as he says, "doing the silliest things", such as playing drums without click tracks and encouraging his engineer to distract him while playing.

Scented Pictures is out on April 6 via Mute.