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LISTEN: New Gazelle Twin
Christian Eede , January 18th, 2018 11:35

Gazelle Twin is the latest artist to contribute to Houndstooth’s new T. S. Eliot-inspired compilation project

Last week, fabric’s in-house label Houndstooth announced the upcoming release of a new compilation entitled In Death's Dream Kingdom, made up of contributions from 25 different acts including Pan Daijing, Pye Corner Audio, Lanark Artefax, Ian William Craig and more.

In comprising the compilation, the label gave the involved artists a simple brief: to take the phrase "in Death's dream kingdom", or the whole of T. S. Eliot's poem The Hollow Men, from which the line is derived, as inspiration for a piece of music. With the label revealing two tracks from the compilation each day until its full release, the latest track to be shared from the record is by Gazelle Twin.

‘The Dream Ends’ is the first piece of music to be shared by Gazelle Twin, AKA Elizabeth Bernholz, since the release late last year of Kingdom Come, which was made up of music composed for an audiovisual show called ‘Kingdom Come for Two Vocalists’, originally commissioned by Future Everything Festival in 2016. The track is a characteristically dread-filled, peculiar affair and, as Bernholz explains below, a precursor to a new album which she is currently working on to follow on from 2014’s Unflesh, which was tQ’s favourite album of that year.

“Eliot's blend of doom and pastoral imagery chimes very strongly with the world I am currently working within for my next album, so I was already quite well tuned into the feeling of the poem,” says Bernholz. “I wanted it to feel like being chased through the woods by madmen with pitchforks and burning torches.”

In Death's Dream Kingdom is out in full on January 26. You can keep up with each track revealed from the compilation via the Spotify playlist just above.