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LISTEN: Mighty Lord Deathman Playlist
The Quietus , January 10th, 2018 11:40

Mighty Lord Deathman selects some copper bottomed bangers that float his - infernal, necrotic - boat

Portrait by Al Overdrive

Opening the proceedings for TQ's fundraising bash with Gum Takes Tooth and Lower Slaughter at The Lexington on Saturday (Jan 13) is Mighty Lord Deathman. Only a few shows in and with just one release under his belt, here he selects the tracks that in his words “will open the gates to the fabled dancehalls of hidden KARKOZUH and flatten the mind in preparation for the death that lives alongside life.”

Dominowe – 'Africa's Cry'

"Probaby the first piece of Gqom I ever heard and so pretty much responsible for me getting started on the MLD project in the first place. Simple, intense and unlike anything I'd ever heard at that point. I'm not over selling it when I say this was my Sex Pistols moment. Still sends shivers down my spine."

Moebius – Plank – Neumeier – 'Pitch Control'

"Bizzare, spiky and unpredictably funky. One of strangest pieces of musical alchemy to emerge from any of these three gentleman of the German avant-rock scene – which is obviously saying something. I honestly have no idea what they're trying to do here but somehow it's really good to dance to."

Unique 3 – 'Weight For The Bass' (3 Ton Mix)

"The bass on this is Krakatoan, but the toplines are so angular and weird. Like a ghost on speed hammering away at a Disney Club piano."

Leftside & Esco - 'Galore Riddim Instrumental' (Greensleeves Production)

"Cyberpunk Jamaica. I imagine massive dilapidated factories full of rusted robot arms, busted samplers and purple with weedsmoke, churning out fully danceable mecha weaponry for future soundwars."

A Split Second – 'On Command'

"Like all the best EBM: Heavy, clattering and slightly daft. Brings to mind serious looking men in leather shorts stomping around a smoke strafed stage and pointing at things. Rhythmically this tune is bloody insane."

Tony Allen – 'Nepa Dance' (Dub)

"What is known in the business, I believe, as a 'Total Hoofer'."

The Martian – 'Marisian Probes Over Montana'

Mad Mike in pure take-no-prisoners form. I tried dancing to this once and my face melted. Seriously. It slopped straight off like a pancake onto a plate. Horrible.

Lebenden Toten - “Static!”

"11 minutes of freaked-to-frazzled-fuck HXC/HWKWND miscegenation. It smells like white cider and the cosmos and wants to know if you have a sofa to crash on and a place that does cheap vegan breakfasts in the area."

Ramleh – 'Product Of Fear'

"The influence of Ramleh and the Broken Flag label on MLD is incalculable. It's such a shame that so many people turn off when they hear the words 'Power Electronics', because it means that they're missing out on maddeningly harsh and beautiful sounds like this."

Mighty Lord Deathman plays with Lower Slaughter and Gum Takes Tooth at the Quietus fundraiser at The Lexington this Saturday. His tape release I'm Having A Fight is available from Pale Master