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LISTEN: New Hobbyist
AR Wood , December 22nd, 2017 09:34

The Chicago-Goleniów-Barcelona duo release the stonking lead single from their soon-coming album.

The ‘Company Man’ here is the same craven schmuck as in David Mamet’s Glengarry Glen Ross, wheedling and grafting for a gobbling public-limited abyss that doesn’t give a shit. It’s the company of Tennessee Ernie Ford’s ‘16 Tons’, watching you get another day older and deeper in debt. And it makes for a livid, stonking tune; an unhinged duet of gothic yells and swamp-blues guitar.

Hobbyist is Holly Prindle and Marc Mozga, from Chicago and now in Barcelona via northwest Poland. They also work in experimental theatre and documentary film, they made an EP with Dennis Bovell a while back, and their new album Sonic Cramps is out 12 January. It’s full of joy, dirt, rage and full-blooded rocknroll songs. Here’s to a happy new year and the death of capitalism!