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Kevin Shields Shares More Details On New My Bloody Valentine LP
Christian Eede , November 16th, 2017 11:03

Kevin Shields has described My Bloody Valentine's album as sounding like their previous album with "acid dropped on it"

My Bloody Valentine frontman Kevin Shields has revealed the first details of what fans should expect from the band's upcoming album, which he previously revealed would be released sometime in 2018.

Speaking to Rolling Stone, he says: "This one is like if somebody took [MBV] and dropped some acid on it or created a dimensional clash or something. It's all over the place."

He says that the album will not be surprise-released, as was the case with 2013's MBV, and described their previous record as "more meandery and not as concise" as their upcoming album.

He also reveals that he wants the album to be available in the traditional LP format running at 40 minutes with seven songs. "It could turn out to be only five tracks. I hope not, but I don't want it to be a double album and I don't want it to be really long."

My Bloody Valentine's recent activity was kickstarted by the release of analogue versions of their first two albums, Loveless and Isn't Anything. During a previous Pitchfork interview, Shields said that the band had begun recording the album a year ago, but had to keep stopping in order to focus on the reissue.

He also revealed that the band have plans to start playing live dates again next summer.