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Baker's Dozen

Maximum Drama: Lee Ranaldo's 13 Favourite Albums
Nick Hutchings , November 8th, 2017 10:01

From the peak of CBGB new wave to the group he calls 'the defining band of the 90s', former Sonic Youth man Lee Ranaldo takes Nick Hutchings through the thirteen albums that shaped his life


Sibylle Baier - Colour Green

She’s a later discovery, a totally obscure person. I was reading about her just to prepare for this, because I’ve been listening to this record for ages, and on Wikipedia it said that somebody gave a copy to J Mascis and he gave it to someone to release it. I didn’t realise that at all, that he brought it to some record label’s attention, but that’s a record that I’ve been listening to a long time, it’s a really beautiful record I think.

I have chosen Songs of Love & Hate by Leonard Cohen and Ladies of the Canyon by Joni Mitchell but this record is right in that same period of beautiful singer/songwriter records. They’re not band records, they’re personal records, they’re kind of like somebody’s journal or notebook. Those records always felt like a window opening into somebody’s life where you kind of spent an hour or forty five minutes of someone telling you about their life and the different things they see and the different ways they look at the world and if it resonated with you it became this…

I just thought that Sibylle Baier was in the same canon as all those albums from that period that made an impression on me. Like early Dylan or a Nick Drake record or something. Colour Green is just as powerful for me.