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Let Us Press Pley: Jus Oborn Of Electric Wizard's Favourite Horror Films
Harry Sword , October 31st, 2017 10:08

Electric Wizard grand magus Jus Oborn talks to Harry Sword about a lifetime of immersion in the outposts of horror, sleaze and exploitation cinema, why 'heavy' isn't about the peddles and amps you use and the importance of playing the long game.


The Dunwich Horror
It is very obviously late 60s/early 70s – they brought it up to date, rather than set it in the 1920s. They brought the whole free love thing in, but as part of the Lovecraftian cycle. I thought that made a lot of sense and brought it forward. It almost felt that Lovecraft was prophesising the future: the movie works on that level and, again, the soundtrack is important to the film. When the soundtrack originally came out it said something like 'Strange Sounds From The Village of Dunwich' on it. That's just fucking awesome. And Roger Corman produced it. He always made incredible horror movies and the visuals are brilliant too - the house looks great.