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Let Us Press Pley: Jus Oborn Of Electric Wizard's Favourite Horror Films
Harry Sword , October 31st, 2017 10:08

Electric Wizard grand magus Jus Oborn talks to Harry Sword about a lifetime of immersion in the outposts of horror, sleaze and exploitation cinema, why 'heavy' isn't about the peddles and amps you use and the importance of playing the long game.


The Sinful Dwarf
An indescribable film. It's just fucking insane. The elements of the dwarf and the horrible boarding house and his mother, it's all there. There is an odd sort of campiness to it, too. You'd expect a sleazy movie like that would focus on just one element but there is this strange sideshow element to it. It verges on John Waters territory. The whole heroin smuggling side story with the people that own the toy shop. It's like, everything - every aspect of life - is perverted in every way imaginable. It's Danish too, even though the main actors are English. They made another movie called Angels which is pretty much impossible to find. I've got three reels of it. It's a Danish Biker film. The scenes I've seen from it are fucking far out. These bikers break into a church, they crucify the priest in the church - it's fucking insane. It's why I love the 70s. The whole immoral insanity of it. You have the hippy dream gone totally wrong; human greed entering the equation and fucking it all up. Human nature. It goes wrong! But in the early 70's it was just like 'do whatever you want'. You had weird cults in Europe where people were shitting on each other and all sorts. Like Amon Duul had some live sex show as a support act at one point. Or Hawkwind - it's not exactly Traffic, you know? Space Ritual is more like black metal, a full on chug.